BRIEF: Show the innovative and techy passion DDB bring to the advertising world, with a campaign that mirrors that passion. A passion that matters. 

In the heat of winter

Anyone can relate to the feeling of cold air finding those small cracks in your winter clothes and the chill it brings with it. One place this feeling is most frustrating is when you are waiting for the bus. What if we could do this situation a bit more comfortable.

When winter peaks and the cold is the most tormenting DDB brings some heat. By installing heated seats in some highly trafficed bus stops we can spread some heat to the city population. But there's a twist.

On a LED screen to the left of the person enjoying the heat a homeless person is sleeping on the ground, in the snow (perfectly aligned perspective). Now the commuter has the opportunity to give away their heat. If they chose to do so (for a small amount of money) the heating in the seat disappears but the homeless person in the snow wakes up and flashes a smile.


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