BRIEF: Perfect Fools always try to find new ways to explore the digital landscape without losing neither direction nor balance. Show us that forward thinking in an unexpected way. 

The smarter clown

The reputation of the clown is at its lowest. They are either pure evil personified or just clumbsy. But they partly derive from the court jesters whose role was to make jokes on the obvious foolishness going on.

The clown could ones again be the symbol of challenging consensus and regimentation. Today too many complex discussions has been reduced to harsh right and wrong, nuances and depth is lost. What if we could “clown” a conversation? And demand it to be more nuanced?

First a rebranding of the clown. Then we put this new clown into the digital world adding nuance in every public conversation that is silly. By clown-ish stunts we get the word and when we wipe the make up of the clowns face we have unexpected celebrity endorsement to give the new character depth.

The time of the modern clown is coming.


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