UX - Red Cross (Hyper Island Student Project)

Brief: During the refugee crises the Red Cross got an large increase in one-time-donations, but 85% of these one-time-donors do not donate again. How do we get these one-time-donors to take part in a digitally 
engaging journey that converts 
them into regular donors?



After extensive research, collecting insights and ideation we reached a solution that we think could make one time donors come back. By making the donationprocess more social and with a strive to reach a goal, the donation process will be more engaging.

On a mobile responsive webpage we created a group based donation experience. Through simple UX the donors could choose a cause that engage them, start a fund raising campaign, invite friends to reach the goal, share it on social media and when the monotary goal was reached, celebrate the success with friends.

Client: Red Cross
Role: UX & development (Sketch & Processing)
Time: 4 weeks

Team: Nora Boeke
            Katrin von Neiderhausern
            Timur Kildigulov
            Marina Argén

            Mikkel Jespersen
            Emma Långström

            & Me